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Our Bitcoin INDEX holds possibly the Greatest Track Record of 'VERIFIABLY' accurate forecasts in the world:

  1. January 2017 $1100 top that resulted in a $380+ Crash (LINK to Verify)

  2. March $1250 top that resulted in a $400+ crash (LINK to Verify)

  3. June $2900 top that resulted in an $800+ crash

  4. August $4480 top that resulted in a $1900+ crash (LINK to Verify)

  5. September 2017 top that resulted in a $2000+ crash (LINK to Verify)

  6. September 15, 2017 exact bottom then a $3000+ rise into over $6000... NAILED IT (LINK to Verify)

  7. November 2017 top that resulted in a $2000+ crash... Nailed it (LINK to Verify)

  8. FINAL PRICE RISE into December 2017 / January 2018* TOP just under $20,000 that preceded the MAJOR $11,000+ (60%) CRASH (LINK to Verify)

    • *While at a conference in San Francisco on November 21, 2017 we WARNED the world about the coming CRASH in early 2018, we stated... 'expect ANOTHER price  rise into early 2018 at which point bitcoin will hit a VERY IMPORTANT TOP that will not be broken with higher prices for many months.'  As forecast ANOTHER price rise did occur into 'early 2018' as expected with bitcoin topping at $17,200 on January 6.  This date of January 6 was to be the FINAL and VERY IMPORTANT TOP referenced at the conference in November 2017 and provided in advance to our subscribers, then by February 6, 2018 bitcoin CRASHED to $5,920 followed by another CRASH low on June 29th, 2018 at $5774... The overall CRASH from January - June was over $14,000+ !  

  9. First Bear Market LOW in February 2018 at $5920

  10. Second Bear Market LOW to the EXACT DAY on April 1, 2018 (LINK to Verify)

  11. Third Bear Market LOW on June 29, 2018 at $5774

  12. Final Bear Market BOTTOM December 15, 2018 at $3122We believe we were the FIRST and ONLY IN THE WORLD to publicly announce the final bottom, (LINK to Verify)  

  13. January 2019 we forecast a February 2019 Litecoin SPIKE... NAILED IT (LINK to Verify)

  14. One of Bitcoin's all time Greatest Forecasts?  Bitcoin's May 2019 SPIKE into $7400... NAILED IT (LINK to Verify)

  15. February 2019 we forecast $10,000 Bitcoin by June 2019... NAILED IT (LINK to Verify)

  16. On December 17, 2019 successfully forecast Final 2019 BOTTOM at $6500 to the exact day! (LINK to Verify)

  17. As the US stock markets crashed 38% March 2020, so too did bitcoin, and beginning April 1 the up cycle resumed as forecast with the next vertical price jump expected April 21, NAILED the exact day! (LINK to Verify)


In 2022 a sudden and unexpected historic price SPIKE is coming as 'faith and confidence' in the current debt-based financial system suddenly breaks.  The end of years 2022 and then 2023 will go down in the history books as the TIME POINT our world changed forever!  Our private Bitcoin INDEX subscribers have the IMPORTANT cycle dates for the future IMPORTANT cycle highs and lows, including price direction into and then the after the sudden and unexpected coming SPIKE.  To TRADERS, having future IMPORTANT CYCLE HIGH and CYCLE LOW DATES in advance can prove to be a BIG ADVANTAGE and fascinating 'Competitive Edge'! 

In the LONG RUN... bitcoin's next MAJOR cycle top is expected to come in at over easily over$100,000+; however there will be many sharp and violent price rises and crashes along the way and as a TRADER, if future IMPORTANT FUTURE HIGH and LOW CYCLE DATES for exit and re-entry are important to you, then consider our Bitcoin INDEX.  The excitement in 2023 will NOT only be in bitcoin; but also in many of the Alternate-Cryptocurrency coins (Alt-coins), subscribe today and get all the details.


  • Receive Important 'KEY' dates relative to bitcoin's future cycle.

  • Expected future bitcoin cycle HIGH and LOW DATES up to 30-days in advance.

  • Receive charts with Fibonacci Future Price Targets for many popular Alternate Coins including:  Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin CASH (BCH-ABC), THETA, DigiByte (DGB), XRP, Chainlink (LINK), Zilliqua (ZIL) and many others.

  • Receive information on which are expected to be the STRONGEST Alt-coins years forward.


IN SUMMARY:  Receive IMPORTANT Cycle Dates, Price Direction and occasional Price Targets BEFORE the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency market turns sharply up or down!  No one can possibly get ALL bitcoin cycle highs and lows 100% correct; but we believe our Bitcoin INDEX holds possibly the Highest Track Record of 'VERIFIABLE' extraordinarily ACCURATE Bitcoin timing forecasts in the world, including Final January 2018 Top (LINK to VERIFY) the EXACT December 14, 2018 Final Bottom at $3122 (LINK to Verify) and the latest unbelievable forecast of the historic November 8, 2022 FTX CRASH that dropped bitcoin under $19,000; incredibly this crash was forecast to the exact day weeks BEFORE, followed by forecasting bitcoin's exact November 21, 2022 bottom!!! (LINK to Verify)


Other analyst that 'say' they have a 'good' Track Record forecasting Bitcoin, ask them for 'VERIFIABLE' PROOF; our incredible and 'VERIFIABLE' Track Record is clearly itemized above.  START your 14-Day TRIAL today and gain the 'Competitive Edge' you never thought possible... our ACCURACY may SHOCK YOU!


UPON MEMBERSHIP, YOU agree to a Non-Disclosure of information keep all information provided PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL. 

CANCEL ANYTIME if not completely satisfied!


14-Day TRIAL Only $99




Upon Membership, you agree to pay a $99 Trial fee, then $199 per month thereafter

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