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Our Cryptocurrency INDEX in 2017 correctly forecast the:

(1) January 2017 $1100 top that resulted in a $380+ Crash,

(2) March $1250 top that resulted in a $400+ crash,

(3) June $2900 top that resulted in an $800+ crash,

(4) August $4480 top that resulted in a $1900+ crash,

(5) September 2017 top that resulted in a $2000+ crash, 

(6) final price rise into December 2017 / January 2018 just under $20,000 that preceded the MAJOR $11,000+ (60%) CRASH into the 

(7) February 2018 $5920 bottom, and the

(8) Final Bear Market LOW to the EXACT DAY on April 1, 2018 (LINK)


While at a conference in San Francisco (LINK) on November 21, 2017 when bitcoin was trading at $8,100 we WARNED the world about the coming CRASH in early 2018, we stated... 'Bitcoin will be above $10,000 by Christmas December 25 and to then expect ANOTHER price  rise into early 2018 at which point bitcoin will hit a VERY IMPORTANT TOP that will not be broken with higher prices for many months.' 


Bitcoin did reach $10,000 before Christmas, in fact is was trading at $13,100 on that date, then ANOTHER price rise did occur into early 2018 as expected with bitcoin topping at $17,200 on January 6.  This date of January 6 was to be the FINAL and VERY IMPORTANT TOP referenced at the conference in November 2017, and on February 6, 2018 bitcoin CRASHED down to $5,920... an incredible $14,000+ CRASH!  GREAT NEWS:  A multi-year Bull Market resumed April 2, 2018; but BEWARE another CRASH is coming in 2018, this one will be sudden, sharp and will CRASH bitcoin over $20,000!!!


As a TRADER, if future IMPORTANT CYCLE DATES, Elliot WAVE COUNTS and most importantly the future cycle HIGH and cycle LOW time points to re-buy or add, then consider subscribing to our Cryptocurrency Index.  The excitement for the first 6-months of 2018 will NOT be in bitcoin as it was in 2017; but instead in many of the Alternate-Cryptocurrency coins (Alt-coins), subscribe and get all the details...



  • Expected DATES for future Intermediate Cycle HIGHS and Cycle LOW

  • Receive the NEXT cycle TOP DATES with a small May TOP (exit), a subsequent LOW (re-buy) DATE that is then followed by a PRICE SPIKE into a July TOP (exit).

  • Receive charts with Fibonacci Price Targets for the following and other Alt-coins:  LITECOIN (LTC), ETHEREUM (ETH), Populous (PPT), AdEx (ADX), NEO, OmiseGO (OMG), TenX Pay Token (PAY), Veritaseum (VERI), Cardano (ADA), Bitcoin CASH (BCC) and Zencoin (ZEN) Charts and others.

  • Receive information which are expected to be the STRONGEST Alt-coins for 2018.

  • Receive cycle HIGH and LOW time points (dates) up to 30-days in advance.

  • Receive upcoming IMPORTANT 2018 cycle HIGH dates for May, July and September BEFORE the CRASHES that follow.  

  • Most Important, AVOID another COSTLY… MULTI-THOUSAND DOLLAR SHARP PRICE DROPS!  NOTE:  One of the 2018 CRASHES will be over $20,000... CAUTION!!!

In Summary:  Receive IMPORTANT Cycle Dates, Price Direction and occasional Price Targets BEFORE the cryptocurrency market turns!  We believe this is the ONLY service of its kind in the world.​

UPON SUBSCRIBING, YOU agree to a Non-Disclosure of information and further agree to keep all information provided PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL. ​ ​


Only $88/month

Upon subscribing,  you agree to pay a fee of  $88 per month.

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